3 keys to Bryant's success


The Karate Kid: Martavis Bryant won't be sticking to the standard workout this offseason by a longshot. Instead of focusing only on things like the weight room and catching passes, he will do karate for the second consecutive offseason. Bryant said it's something that originated last year when he met a martial arts trainer in Los Angeles and he wanted to return to the beneficial workout that helps with hand movements and cardio.

"I was nervous," said Bryant of beginning it last year. "You have all of the veterans with the black belts. It seemed so cool. Once I tried it, it's a great workout. You have to remember the different techniques and things. Once you put everything together it's amazing what you can do."

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Off and running:** In addition to karate, which will also include some mixed martial arts and boxing, Bryant will be focused on improving his speed this offseason. If that is even possible.

Bryant will train again this year with Olympic Gold Medalist Maurice Greene in an effort to step his game up even more.

"There is always room for improvement," said Bryant. "He knows what it takes. He knows the proper techniques of how to run. It's a great work out. I want to be one of the fastest players in football, which I am now. I just want to continue to improve on that."

  • Driven to improve: So why does Bryant attack the offseason in the manner that he does? Why is he so driven to get better, training as hard as he possibly can?

"I learned my work ethic from Antonio Brown," said Bryant. "You have to do whatever to get better and get the job done. Something might sound like it's weird for you to do, but when you work at it, it's great."

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