3 hits from Fitz

Block buster: Most running backs love getting in the open field and breaking free for a long run. Don't get Fitzgerald Toussaint wrong, because he too loves that. But there is something else he likes. Blocking. "The most important thing is pass blocking," said Toussaint. "I have to protect the quarterback. If you can protect the quarterback, you can do anything. I feel like that is my cup of tea right there. I love it. I love one-on-ones. I love going against linebackers. That is what I like to do.

"Protecting the quarterback, that is the guy that runs the offense, the guy that organizes everything, the guy that puts you in the right place. Once he is protected, he can make the proper throws. I can help set that up and set things up for the run."

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Growing spurt:** Spending time on the practice squad this season helped Toussaint vastly and prepared him when he was added to the active roster later in the year.

"I saw a lot of growth," said Toussaint. "Just learning from guys like Le'Veon Bell and Le'Veon Bell was major. For me to see those guys put work on the field helped. I applied that to the practice field. Going against the defense helped me tremendously. I feel like I was quicker on response to pass protections and quicker on reads to holds. I feel like it helped me, especially those guys in general.

"I learned how to read the offense well, how to study it off the field. Just watching those guys on film puts me in a different vibe. I can see how they do things and I can adjust quickly. I could apply that when it came time for games."

  • Fun for all: The Steelers explosive offense is one that players love being a part of and Toussaint is no exception.

"It's definitely fun. That is one word I can use to describe it, fun," said Toussaint. "It allows you to use your personality when running. You have to help protect the quarterback. Catching the football out of the backfield is fun because it turns into a backyard football game. You have a designed route, but if you can't get open Ben (Roethlisberger) is still going to get it to you. That is what is fun about this offense, it's fun that it's real creative. It allows you to show your personality."

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