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10 Questions with Jarvis Jones

You missed a good portion of the season with your wrist injury. How tough was it not playing?
It was very tough. When we had some ups and downs and I wasn't able to help my team, just sitting on the sidelines. It was very tough. At the same time in football you have to be 100 percent so when it happens you just have to stay on the positive side of it.What's the feeling really like, watching, seeing your teammates out there?

It's tough when you are out there and you can't give your teammates a hand. All you can do is watch. You have to use that positive energy from the sideline, talk to them, and keep them pumped. You have to give them all of your energy and let them know you have their back. **

The top photos of LB Jarvis Jones throughout 2014 season.

Is the mental battle you go through tougher than the physical battle?**

I think it is. It's all mental. It's something you can't put your hands on. Physically you feel like you can go out there and just have an opportunity to do something. But mentally, it's all about staying positive.What did you learn about yourself during the time?

You have to stay positive through the toughest time. I felt like I had just come along and I got hurt making a play. That was devastating for me. I felt like I had come along, was playing well, understanding stuff and nine weeks later I just got the chance to play again. I don't look at it as starting over, but I have a lot of ground to make up.

Did you look at it as a setback at all?
I wouldn't say setback, but I would say it hindered some of the things I wanted to get accomplished and get done this season, as far as team goals and stuff. I learned a lot from the sideline, watching it, paying attention and getting to see it from a different angle.

What were some things you learned from watching your teammates?
I learned a lot, different techniques, a lot of stuff offenses do. There were tips and tendencies that you sometimes don't see in the games because you can't see everything. From the sideline you see a whole lot. The game really slowed down a lot for me from the sideline, understanding the game and what was going on.

How good a feeling is it to be back?
It's a fun feeling to be back out there, running around and being a part of something great here. We have been playing some great football these last couple of weeks. Just to get in the mix of it again has been exciting.**

What's the thing you missed the most not playing?**

It's a totally different feeling when you are on the field with the guys. They are going to give you everything they've got from the beginning of the game to the end. Being on the sideline you are with them physically, but you are not really in it. The physical part of the game, being able to hit and run, and making plays with your teammates is unbelievable. It's the most exciting part of football.You are just in your second season. How much progress have you made since last year?

I think a lot. I learned a lot mentally. The speed of the game slowed down a lot for me. Learning the concepts. A lot of it slowed down. There is still a lot I need to learn to be great. These two years there has been a lot of football for me. You see different stuff week in and week out. It's the NFL. You never know what you are going to see as far as plays being made. Guys on this level are capable of making plays and you have to be ready.You mentioned the game slowing down. Is the speed of the game the biggest adjustment for players?

I think so. Coming from college to the NFL this game is so different. They play this game from the shoulders up in the NFL. In college it's just athletic ability. Here it's both. Around the second year guys get a feeling for what is going on with other teams around the league and what is expected of you.

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