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10 perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your Steelers lady

Okay guys, we know, you came here looking for the latest team news, trying to find out how to buy tickets for the NFL/Hall of Fame game the Steelers are playing in this August, or to check out some great Steelers pictures.

Deep down, though, you know what you should be doing is shopping for something for that special lady in your life. And if we know you like we think we do, she too is a Steelers fan, making for the perfect Valentine's Day celebration.

So, no offense but forget the roses and chocolate. Think of what she really loves. Steelers football. So you can thank us later, but here you go. The top 10 perfect Valentine's Day gifts for the Steelers lady in your life.

  1. Steelers yoga pants. These comfortable and stylish Steelers yoga pants aren't just for working out. Whether for sleeping, working out, or just hanging around the house and watching football in the fall, yoga pants are a can't miss gift any time of year. Impress her this year with a pair that fits her, and her personality, perfectly.
  2. Pink Steelers jersey. We know your lady bleeds black and gold, but we also know she has a heart. So, this pop of pink jersey isn't just about supporting her favorite team, it's about helping others. All proceeds from these pink jerseys will benefit local breast cancer charities, so you're giving not only the gift of a jersey, but also a charitable donation.
  3. Steelers beach towel. Forget what the groundhog said…beach weather is coming soon. And what lady doesn't want to show off at the beach, with a Steelers beach towel. Warm up your lady's Valentine's Day with not just any beach towel, buy one emblazoned with the Terrible Towel logo. She won't be waving this one around at Heinz Field, but she will enjoy sprawling out on the beach with a cool ocean breeze while the players are sweating it out at training camp.
  4. Steelers blanket. It's February. And yes, it's cold. So, Valentine's Day is perfect cuddling up with your lady with a cup of hot chocolate and a Steelers blanket that will keep you both warm and cozy. This one is big enough for two.
  5. Steelers quilted vest. Whether your lady is someone who likes to layer on the bitter cold days, or your weather is a little warmer than what we see in Pittsburgh, this vest becomes a stylish alternative to a jacket. Impress your lady with a quilted vest that will keep her warm, but still keep her clad in the black and gold and looking good.
  6. Steelers winter boots. Okay, so the weather on Valentine's Day here in Pittsburgh already calls for snow. And even if you are escaping the wrath of Mother Nature now, these great winter boots will be something she will love for years. Just make sure you sneak into her closet and get her shoe size right.
  7. Steelers heart earrings. Do we really have to say much else here? Three perfect things. Steelers. Hearts. And Jewelry. What Steelers-loving lady could resist these? And what guy wouldn't be a winner giving them?
  8. Steelers wineglasses. A romantic Valentine's Day dinner with a fine glass of wine. Perfection. Especially when you use these stemless Steelers wine glasses. Your lovely lady is going to think you are the best.
  9. Steelers travel mug. So, maybe this lacks the romance of the wine glass, but it's something your lovely Steelers lady is likely to use year round. Whether it's coffee, tea, or one of those fancy frappuccinos that you still have no idea what is in there, she will love this mug. And pair it with a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.   
  10. Steelers Nation Unite membership. You don't have to give away the secret of this perfect gift, but it's FREE and she will never realize it because it's value is immeasurable. This is the perfect fit not just for your Steelers lady, but for those diehard Steelers couples. Do you love connecting with the Steelers and feeling closer to your favorite team? Then it's time that you join Steelers Nation Unite and be officially recognized as a member of Steelers Nation.  
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