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Position Offensive Lineman
Height 6' 3"
Weight 244 lbs.
College USC
Drafted 1971
4th Round (86th Overall)
Pittsburgh Steelers
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1971 - 1979 Offensive Lineman, Pittsburgh Steelers
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Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV
Hall of Honor 2023

Gerry Mullins isn't one who likes to talk about himself. He doesn't like the fanfare, doesn't like the attention. 

So, when he got the phone call from Steelers President Art Rooney II to inform him, he was selected to the Hall of Honor, he had trouble believing it. 

"I was in shock," said Mullins. "I never really expected it at this stage of the game. When Art called, it was a shock to say the least. I was wondering about if it was real until I started receiving phone calls from teammates telling me I deserved it. That cemented it with me. I thought I was indeed worthy. Not that I would ever really think that."

Mullins should think it because he is deserving, earning the honor for all he did with the black and gold, and for him, it's the ultimate honor. 

"Everybody aspires to be the best they can be," said Mullins. "To be selected to be part of this group, somebody thinks you did a pretty good job at your craft. That was unexpected. After reflecting back on it, and talking to Art Rooney Jr., he was very complimentary, had some really nice words to say. He thought I was deserving. He is an expert at judging talent and he thought I was deserving and that meant a lot."

Mullins was a player who would have perfectly fit the bill for what Coach Mike Tomlin preaches … position flexibility.

Mullins, the Steelers fourth-round draft pick in 1971, played guard, tackle and even tight end on short yardage situations before settling in as a starting guard in 1974 and playing on all four Super Bowl teams in the 1970s.

"We didn't realize how good we were," said Mullins of the group that won Super Bowl IX, X, XIII and XIV. "It was a process, growing together as a unit. It was the culmination of a lot of hard work, making the whole better."

For Mullins, being selected into the Hall of Honor is a culmination of a career that began by being drafted by a team that hadn't seen a lot of winning, to reaching the pinnacle of success in the NFL. 

"When I was drafted in 1971, I was a California kid and the history of the Steelers wasn't the greatest thing," said Mullins. "Once I got here and saw what was going to develop, with Franco Harris' rookie year making it to the playoffs and knowing we were a young team with talented players, I don't think anyone could have imagined playing in and winning four Super Bowls in six years. It was a special group. I was happy just to be mentioned in the same breath as some of those other guys. I wasn't expecting any personal accolades. 

"The Hall of Honor is a great honor. I was so shocked when I got the phone call. I am very happy to be a part of that group.

"My wife said something to me that meant a lot. My grandson can take his friends to the Hall of Honor Museum and show his Grandpap did something that will last as long as the stadium is around and long after that. I've gotten emails from guys that were saying with all of the Steelers in the Hall of Fame, being elected to the Hall of Honor is like going into the Hall of Fame. We have so many guys in there and to be a part of that group, playing with them, this is such an honor. 

"From my own personal perspective, I appreciate that I was able to contribute to them getting into the Hall of Fame. I was satisfied with that. This is an honor that will lift it up to the next level, put you in a different category."