Steelers to release 360 game day experience

Posted Jan 12, 2017

MANDT VR joins forces with the Pittsburgh Steelers to deliver game day experiences to Steelers fans through immersive 360-degree virtual reality video.

A collaboration between the Pittsburgh Steelers and leading VR production studio MANDT VR will allow Steelers fans across the globe to experience game day action at Heinz Field like never before.

Through 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video, this offseason viewers will see stories and traditions that provide an all-access pass to one of the best game day experiences in the NFL. Below is a brief sample of some of this content.

“For many sports enthusiasts, myself included, watching a game on television pales in comparison to experiencing it in person - absorbing the energy and atmosphere of a stadium full of fans,” said Neil Mandt, founder and CEO of MANDT VR. “We’re thrilled to work with the Steelers to deliver a virtual experience that immerses viewers in the action, no matter where they are.”

“We are always looking for new ways to engage with our fans,” said Ryan Huzjak, Steelers Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Allowing Steelers fans to experience game day at Heinz Field through virtual reality is something we are excited about.”

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