Getting To Know: Knile Davis

Posted Jul 13, 2017

Learn more about the Steelers' offseason free agent addition.

Knile Davis
Running Back  
4th Season

Who is your football mentor or inspiration?
I would say Adrian Peterson. I got a chance to work with his this offseason for the first time. I learned a lot from him. It was cool training with my idol. I had been a fan of his since I was little. I watched him play in Palestine, Texas, at OU, in Minnesota. Just throughout his career I watched him and to get to work with him was cool.

What motivates you?
My family and my goals. I try to reach all of the goals I set when I was young. I wanted to get drafted, I wanted to go to the NFL to help my family out. I’ve done that. Now it’s to the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, things of that nature.

What is your approach to football?
Become a better person and football player. Be a good guy on and off the field. Do the right things, the little things.  

Why do you play football?
I enjoy it. I had a lot of ups and downs in this game. I’ve enjoyed the whole journey, the whole road. I have loved it.

When did you start to dream about playing in the NFL?
Probably when I was six years and I started playing football. I fell in love with the game. I was a high energy kid, I liked all sports. But I had the build for football, I had the speed for football. It’s been a dream since I was a young gent.
What is your proudest football moment or memory?
 I have had a few. Getting a chance to play in the playoffs was pretty cool. Also the Houston game, returning a kickoff for a touchdown in a season-opener. That was a highlight of my career.

When you hear Steelers, what do you think?
Tough. Tough and a recipe for success. They have done it. There is a good team in place. I just think of toughness and successful.