Steelers Fantennial Weekend

When Franco Harris caught the ball out of the air on Dec. 23, 1972, no one had any idea how the play would sculpt the history of the Steelers.

And now, as a part of the NFL's celebration of its 100th season, Steelers Nation can help make the 'Immaculate Reception' the Greatest Moment in NFL History.

Beginning on Thursday, Jan. 2 through Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2, fans can take part in a special online vote for the 'Immaculate Reception' among other 'Great Moments' in NFL history. The winning moment will be announced live during the Super Bowl LIV Pregame Show on FOX.

Each week the moments will be narrowed down, so you can vote over and over again at

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Round (# of Moments) Voting Opens Voting Closes Vote
Rd. 1 (32 --> 16) 1/2/20 (9 am ET) 1/9/20 (12 am ET)
Rd. 2 (16 --> 8) 1/9/20 (9 am ET) 1/16/20 (12 am ET) Vote Now!
Rd. 3 (8 --> 4) 1/16/20 (9 am ET) 1/23/20 (12 am ET)
Rd. 4 (4 --> 1) 1/23/20 (9 am ET) 2/2/20 (12 am ET)

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