Where Are They Now: Oliver Gibson


Oliver GibsonDefensive Tackle1995-98Chicago, Illinois

What are you doing now?
I went to the NFL broadcast boot camp in 2009 and it was a real good experience. I decided I can do this so I started doing stuff for WJOL Radio and got on some games with Comcast Sports. I am currently at the Illinois School of Broadcasting and coach football with Don Beebe at Aurora Christian High School

What is the fondest memory from your playing career?
There were too many. The one thing guys always miss is the locker room. It went beyond that here from the equipment managers, to the staff, to the coaches, especially Coach (John) Mitchell and Coach (Dick) LeBeau. I miss the Pittsburgh organization, the people, the players and the staff – everyone was a great genuine person. That is what you miss. You feel like a family here.

What was your best game?
There were so many moments I came in and made a sack here and there. There were great games, but it was about the memories, not just the plays. It was about the people in the locker room – Greg Lloyd, Kevin Greene, Levon Kirkland, Chad Brown – these are incredible names. I played for Cincinnati and Tampa after leaving, but it was never the same kind of magic. The way the city of Pittsburgh rallied around the team. That created a special atmosphere. It's hard to say one effort. You get a sack in Pittsburgh they talk about you at the Giant Eagle the next week.

Do you still follow the Steelers and if so, how closely?Pittsburgh is the only team I watch. I have fond memories of Cincinnati, had a lot of fun. But there is something magic about the Steelers. If I have an autograph session and I have pictures from Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, nobody wants the Cincinnati picture and I started more for them. They want the Steelers picture. I always watch the Steelers. It's exciting to watch them. The way they play defense is special. Coach LeBeau has guys coming from every direction. I love that. It's exciting football.

What was it like for you to play for Dick LeBeau?
I played for him on two teams and it was special. Coach LeBeau with his defense and the fire zones was incredibly exciting. He didn't pigeon hole you into one job. You could be standing up one play, you could be rushing the passer, and you could be dropping. More than that he is a genuine person and a guy you can talk to. He represents 50-60 years of football. He was the greatest coach I ever had. He was introspective in everything he said or did. He has seen it all, done it all. If I could take someone's coaching style that is the style I would want.

You came back to Pittsburgh for Alumni Weekend. What was it like to be back?
I never walked in Heinz Field before but it reminds you of what an organization should be like. I am happy I came back. I should have come back sooner and I am going to come back to mini-camp, training camp.

Do you appreciate it more now?
It's funny, walking into the locker room, in the past I would walk in to the stadium with my headphones on and just think about football. Now I look around and see everyone. Now you appreciate it 20 times more. I got to see Coach Mitchell. Half of the things I learned about him I didn't know when I was here. The man is a legendary coach, I didn't even know that. It was nice to give him a hug and fully appreciate what he has done. I don't get emotional, but I did when I came back here.

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