Getting To Know: DeAngelo Williams


DeAngelo WilliamsRunning Back5-9, 215Memphis10th YearWho is your football mentor or inspiration?

I have two of them. When I was in college I looked up to Ricky Williams, hence the No. 34. Some people think it was the dreadlocks. It wasn't because of that. I just don't like going every week to get my hair cut. That is why I have locks. Jerry Rice is the other because his work ethic on the field was second to none and a guy I wanted to model my work ethic after.


What motivates you?** I don't like losing. I really dislike losing. I dislike losing more than I like winning if that makes any sense. That motivates me outside of my family, and close friends and doing it for the guy that is next to me as well, and seeing the smile on his face after a win and being excited in the locker room after a win with the guys you go to battle with.What is your football mindset?

My mindset is I want to go out and play winning football. I don't want to just play football, I want to play winning football. If that means blocking a guy or carrying a guy on a route, whatever it takes to win the game I want to go out and do it.Why do you play football?

Because it's fun and I have a passion for this game. I love it. Everything you find in football, you can find in life. If you can understand the game of football and can compete and win at this level, you can win in life.What is your proudest football moment or memory?

Having my kids is my proudest moment. As far as football, if you get satisfied with having a proud moment up until now, that means you are satisfied with not making any more.What teammate has made the biggest impression on you?

It would be Travelle Wharton, a left guard in Carolina, who played college ball at South Carolina. I was on injured reserve the year I had a lisfranc injury in my foot and whenever you get hurt or are on injured reserve, you become a zombie in the locker room. You no longer have a common interest as the others guys do if you go out and somebody makes a play, and you only see it on film, hear the guys talking about it, but you weren't a part of it. He sat down and talked to me and showed me the little nuances of the game and the business side. I was thankful for that because it's gotten me where I am today and that is with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When you hear Steelers football, what do you think?
Six Super Bowl championships on the way to seven.What do you like about Pittsburgh so far?

I love the atmosphere. I love Coach (Mike) Tomlin. I love the work ethic of all of the guys. All of the guys on the offensive line, I love the relationship and brotherhood I have developed with these guys already and I know it's going to be something special this year.

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