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Banaszak: 'There's a lot of pressure'

The Steelers will report to training camp on July 27 at Saint Vincent College, a time some players love, and others dread. But it's a must, and for the Steelers it's something they will be doing for the 52nd time at Saint Vincent College.

Several former players shared their take on what training camp was like for them at Saint Vincent College, and for the most part they are happy they don't have to go back. Up until the start of training camp we will be bringing you their fun stories and thoughts.

John Banaszak, DL, 1975-81
"There's an awful lot of pressure no matter where you go. There's a lot of pressure to play in the NFL. Taking a step from college football to the NFL is a huge step.

"I was very confident in myself, there was nothing that was going to happen to me that was worse than what I went through at Parris Island (in Marine boot camp). I was in great shape, and the philosophy I had back then was that every day had to be a good day. You couldn't give them an opportunity to release you. I was going to give it my best shot, which was obviously good enough."

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