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Women of Steel - Staff Members


"I am constantly inspired and honored to be working for an organization that cares so deeply for its people and guests, from the top down. I was raised loving sports, especially football. I have worked/lived around and out of the country, and I can truly say, 'There's no place like home in the 'Burgh and I'm happy to be back." - Monica Agbalog, Stadium Operations


"Football has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I love the competitiveness of the sport. Seeing players, fans, coaches, and staff come together for each other gives me such a sense of community throughout every level of the sport." – Mackenzie Allshouse, Merchandizing and Digital Commerce


"The Steelers have the most captivating fan base that I have ever experienced across the country. The values that the Steelers organization were founded on are visible every day within the business, the City of Pittsburgh, and across Steelers Nation. I am truly honored to be a part of the Steelers family." - Stephanie Beck, Merchandise and Digital Commerce


"I love working for the Steelers organization because they provide a workplace that promotes family, community, and the spirit of giving back." - Chrissy Bulger, Coaching


"I love working in a city that has so much pride for their sports. Not being a Pittsburgh native, I've never experienced anything like it. Game days are 10 times more exciting when the city is hyped up, wearing black and gold, and ready to cheer on our team in any weather. It gives me such a sense of pride to work for a team that brings people so much joy." - Rachel Cattell, Merchandise and Digital Commerce


"I have loved football ever since I was a little girl. I always knew I wanted to work for an NFL team, so working for the Steelers is truly a dream come true. Working for such a historical organization has been nothing short of amazing. When you think of the Steelers you think family oriented and my experience going into my second season has been that and more. Everyone wants what's best for the organization and I am grateful to be a part of it." - MacKaiya Cherry, Communications


"I didn't start watching professional football until I moved to Pittsburgh, but it didn't take long for me to become a Steelers fan. My roommate who is originally from Pittsburgh invited me to a family get together to watch a Steelers game. From there, I was hooked. The Steelers have one of the most passionate fan bases in the world, and I am proud to be a part of Steelers Nation and the Steelers organization." - Rachel Cohen, Corporate Partnerships


"Working in football is working in fun. Nothing brings a community together quite like football. I enjoy coming to work because of the built-in loyalty that you see in Steelers fans." – Payton Comunale, Fan Engagement


"One of my favorite things about football is its ability to connect fans from all over the world with each other, despite the fact that football may be the only thing they share in common. No matter where you go, if you see someone wearing your team's logo, you can instantly sense a bond with that person, and the farther you travel from home, the cooler it feels." - Caitlyn Cossu, Marketing and Events


"My love for the Steelers started with the Immaculate Reception, my poster of Terry Bradshaw, Myron Cope and the Terrible Towel and the greatest opportunity of a lifetime working within the Steelers coaching department and for the Steelers organization. Go Steelers." – Mia Daudet, Coaching


"Sports have always been a driving force for the community in my life. My firsthand involvement with football began in college and provided a connection with my family history within Ohio University's football department. Though I didn't know my grandpa, his passion for football and involvement through the years resonate deeply throughout my family. It is such a joy to be a woman in football and help pave the way with those around me." - Abigail Dean, Digital Media


"I love that Pittsburgh is a great place for sports. That skyline makes me smile every time I see it. I grew up in a sports-loving family and the Steelers were part of that. My first year with the team, the Steelers went on to win Super Bowl XL, and it's been quite a ride since that first season. I have been so lucky to have worked with some incredible women during my time with the team." - Courtney Duzyk, Steelers Pro Shop


"Working for the Steelers means family. It is a family owned and operated business, and that dynamic trickles down to the employees as well. Through working with the Steelers, I have found coworkers who are now as close to me as family. I have made lifelong connections with people who now hold a very special place in my life." - Lauren Fisher, Steelers Pro Shop


"Being a January baby, my birthday parties always doubled as playoff watching parties. The seed was planted early. Full circle, I went into labor with my son during Super Bowl XXVI." - Debbie Gabler, Steelers Pro Shop


"Growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1970's I remember jumping in the car after a Steelers Super Bowl win and my dad driving us around the neighborhood. So exciting. Everyone out in the streets cheering & celebrating. What great memories. Proud to be from Pittsburgh and working for my hometown team. Here we go." - Mary Beth Gilbert, Business Office


"There's nothing quite like the City of Pittsburgh. From the loyal fan base to the comradery between sports teams, Pittsburgh truly represents home. I couldn't be more excited to be with the black and gold family." - Jourdan Gottlieb, Digital Media


"Growing up in Delaware I was always rooting for the Steelers. The Steelers are a family organization, and I have already experienced what that means in my first few months here. Pittsburgh embraces people of all backgrounds and all culture, accepting them into the family that is Steelers Nation. I love working for an organization that has played a significant role in shaping the culture of this city." - Madison Gratteri, Digital Media


"I've been watching Steelers football with my family for as long as I can remember. Working for the team has reinforced and grown my appreciation for Steelers Nation, in particular the female fans who are No. 1 in the NFL. Trust me, I've run the numbers." – Melanie Harris, Sales and Marketing


"What inspires me in my job is the ability to collaborate with our partners and players to raise awareness on important issues within our community. The game of football is so much bigger than what happens on field. I love that I have the ability to use football to transform our community and support the people who need it most." - Blayre Holmes, Community Relations


"The fans of Steelers Nation inspire me to do my job every day. Getting to interact with them, hear their Steelers traditions, and more just reminds me how special this organization is to so many people around the world." - Amber Iuni, Fan Engagement


"My love of football originated back in the 1970's when I was a young girl, it was a tradition to watch Sunday football with my father and there was only one team we would root for, the Steelers. I remember the excitement waking up on Sunday morning during football season. Needless to say, throughout the years some traditions fade, however new ones were made, and they always included rooting for the greatest team in football, the Steelers." - Susan Kalafut, Steelers Pro Shop


"I love the energy that comes with football season, in the office and at the stadium. That sea of twirling Terrible Towels, the entrance of the players onto the field, and the tell-tale sign of Renegade really pumps up the crowd. I love being a Pittsburgh girl and nothing beats Steelers football or the Rooney spirit. Here We Go." - Colleen Kimmel, Business Office


"One of the things that inspires me is the impact we have on the Pittsburgh community. I've been working in community relations for approximately two decades and seeing a sick child smile from ear to ear never gets old. Enhancing the lives of people in need never gets old. Everything makes sense when you see the impact you're making first hand." - Stacie Lawrence, Community Relations


"The dedication of our fans and particularly our season ticket holders is the reason I'm proud to represent this organization. Their passion and excitement is energizing and is the driving force behind all we do to create a great customer experience." - Kristen Lewandowski, Ticket and Premium Seating Sales


"I love when Steelers Nation comes together during a big moment in the game and starts chanting and waving the Terrible Towels, the playing of Renegade and seeing crowd on their feet and so excited to watch their team play." - Diane Lowe, Administration


"My love for football and the Steelers began in the eighth grade. The Steelers were playing in Super Bowl X against the Cowboys. I remember all the excitement surrounding the game both at school and home. I remember going to Century III Mall with my friends to buy a Mean Joe Greene shirt so that I could wear it to watch the big game. I have been a fan of the game ever since." - Jody Lubawski, Business Office


"My family being a football family is where my love of football originated. My dad started the first midget football league in the area I grew up in. During my grade school and junior high years, I was a cheerleader and that carried on my love for the game. Being a football family, we have always enjoyed cheering for the Steelers." - Maureen Mannion, Football Operations


"My love for football and the Steelers came in the 1970s. I would go to my grandparent's house for Sunday dinner and to watch the Steelers. We are still carrying on the tradition of getting together with family and friends to root for our favorite team, the Steelers." - Renae McNabb, Merchandise and Digital Commerce


"My interest in football began with the Immaculate Reception. My family wasn't huge into sports, but I'll never forget my dad calling me into the living room to watch the replay on that evening's news. I was intrigued and began to follow the Steelers. The rest, as they say, is history." - Lynne Molyneaux, Marketing and Events


"While the work they do on the field is important, I love supporting the players with the work they do off the field to effect change in the Pittsburgh community. Their enthusiasm to be out in the community and give back to those who support them truly inspires me in my job." - Myah Olson, Community Relations


"As part of the merchandise buying team, I love seeing our fans wearing something I purchased. When you watch away football games and you see the away stadium loaded with Terrible Towels, you get a great feeling. I love to hear the television announcers talk about the Terrible Towels in the crowd. It is such a warm feeling, a Pittsburgh feeling to be proud of." - Janice O'Toole, Merchandising and Digital Commerce


"Working for the Steelers means being a part of a bigger picture. We truly are a family and always have each other's best interest in mind. From the day-to-day responsibilities in the office to the fast-paced environment of game day, we're constantly striving to be the most supportive and inspiring teammates and leaders." - Cayce Little Pastoor, Stadium Operations


"Being from Pittsburgh, you naturally must bleed black and gold. Some of my favorite things about Pittsburgh include inclining to Mount Washington to view the picturesque skyline, traveling over the three rivers to vast rolling hilled neighborhoods of the 'Burgh, and of course, spending time in the Strip District. I could not be more excited to work with such a prestigious organization. I hope to see Yinz at the staadium whipping those Terrible Towels." - Sophia Rizzo, Stadium Operations


"The people with the Steelers, from my co-workers to our players and coaches, to our fans around the world make it special. Having the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people in different areas at different capacities in this industry is very inspiring. Everyone carries their own unique stories and backgrounds." - Maria Rodriguez, Digital Media


"What I like about working for the Steelers are the different events that I have worked over the years getting to meet a lot of really nice fans that some almost feel like family. Seeing everyone coming from all over the world and hearing their stories and seeing them come back each year and looking you up just to say hello." - Linda Rogiero, Steelers Pro Shop


"I love that every day I have the opportunity to help someone, whether it is performing a simple maintenance treatment or returning a player to the field after a long-term rehab. Playing a part in someone else's success is the most gratifying experience and makes this job very rewarding." - Sonia Ruef, Athletic Trainer


"Growing up in Pittsburgh, I realized at a young age that game day is something special and that the Steelers are more than just a football team. They are a unifying force that brings the whole city together in a positive way. That is just one of the many reasons I'm proud to be a part of front office and this organization." - Jessi Sabatini, Stadium Operations


"I have lived in seven states and have never wavered from my love for the black and gold. The Steel Curtain, Franco, Ben, Hines, Troy, the list goes on and on. I feel blessed and proud to now be an employee of this strong organization. These players are amazing, not only for their work on the field, but especially for their work off the field helping this lovely city and surrounding communities." - Joyce Sansky, Merchandising and Digital Commerce


"My love for football was originated from my father. I never imagined that I would work here for the team, it was never a goal in life. I can say it has been a privilege. Loving the Steelers is a 'Burgh thing." - Kelly Serafin, Business Office


"Anytime I travel wearing my Steelers gear, it organically creates a connection and community amongst Steelers fans. From a simple stranger shout-out, to a wink or starting a conversation about Pittsburgh, it always makes me proud to represent 'my' team and know there are fans everywhere alike with the same love for the Steelers." - Jenny Shaeffer, Business Office


"Having not grown up in Pittsburgh, I'd always heard about the Steelers incredible (and large) fan base but being able to see and experience it every day with my own eyes still continues to amaze me. And to know that Steelers Nation is comprised of so many women who bleed black and gold, it makes me proud to work for such an incredible franchise in such an incredible and passionate city." - Amy Siebenkittel, Corporate Partnerships


"The thrill and excitement of game day never gets old. While I may not be playing on the field, seeing the hard work of so many behind the scenes is truly inspiring. The team mentality of football holds true when working alongside a great group of people with a common goal of creating the best experience for all fans." - Erika Siegel, Stadium Operations


"Growing up in Latrobe, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the first team I learned to cheer for. My career took me to six different states to work for nine other teams. It has been a true honor to come home and work for the team that started it all for me." – Stephanie Sior, Ticket and Premium Seating Sales


"There is truly nothing quite like the pride, passion, and energy of Steelers Nation. It's hard to think of a team in professional sports that means more to the city it represents than the Steelers do to Pittsburgh." - Casey Slabe, Corporate Partnerships


"My fondest memory of Steelers football was always Sunday afternoon watching the Steelers games with my grandfather." - Barbara Snyder, Business Office


"What I love about Steelers Nation is the utmost devotion we have every year. When our backs are against the wall, Steelers Nation bleeds black and gold through and through." - Alexa Sorch, Ticket and Premium Seating Sales


"I have been a Steelers fan for as long as I can remember. We won our first Super Bowl in January 1975 when I was four. Everyone came over to watch it, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I don't really remember the actual game, but I do remember the excitement of it and the feeling in the house that day. One of my favorite things about our team is our fans. They are everywhere. For me Steelers Nation embodies the excitement I felt watching that first Super Bowl." - Jodie Spagnolli, Business Office


"I come from a football family and have always loved the game. I remember as a kid, birthday parties and family vacations were always planned around football season. As I got older, and my love of business and fashion emerged, my goal was to combine these things with football as a career. As a buyer for an NFL team, especially Steelers Nation, I am truly living my dream." - Megan Stepnoski, Merchandising and Digital Commerce


"My love of football originated from dad. When I was eight or nine years old, he introduced me to fantasy football and we'd sit together after school and look at the injury reports, beat writers, etc. to set our lineup, and that continued over the phone in college. Until he passed away in 2020, we talked on the phone on my way home from every game I worked since 2013 - even the night games if just for a few minutes." - Angela Tegnelia, Communications


"I was raised a Steelers fan and always loved to hear stories of the players and learn more about them. To be able to share the players stories now is one of the greatest joys, bringing Steelers Nation a different side of them. And I am blessed to do it for the greatest sports team anywhere." - Teresa Varley, Digital Media


"My favorite part about working for the Steelers is the people within the organization. Being an athletic trainer allows me the unique opportunity to build relationships with people from all different departments. Coach Mike Tomlin and the rest of his coaching and auxiliary staff are some of the finest people I have ever worked with. There truly isn't a day that I wake up and I'm not excited to go to work with the Steelers." - Abigail Weiland, Athletic Trainer


"The women of Steelers Nation inspire me to be a voice for strong, committed and engaged fans. I always want to find ways to create more equality in experiences and opportunities with the organization. Steelers football is the fabric of this region and to contribute to generations of moments and memories is a passion of mine." - Chelsea Zahn, Corporate Partnerships


"Growing up I have fond memories of watching football with my family. My grandmother would always cook special meals on game day, and everyone would gather in the living room and watch the game. We would even make someone go change if they were wearing the opposing team's colors. Even during this year's draft, I was texting with my uncle who lives out of state. I love that football brings families together." - Marie Zeitler, Corporate Partnerships


"As the child of a military family moving from city to city, the teenage version of me knew immediately Pittsburgh was more than just another place to live. People smile back when you walk by and say hello. The Steelers are a direct extension of what this beautiful city means to me. Here integrity and hard work match the core values instilled in me growing up." - Connie Zelinsky, Administration


"My love for football began as early as I can remember, watching Steelers games every weekend with my dad in his Steelers 'mancave'. Fast forward 25 years later, he framed my business card for display in that same mancave once I began working here. It's a dream to do what I love for an organization I've always rooted for long before I was an employee." - Brittany Zeman, Fan Engagement

Women of Steel - Coaches Wives


"My family has always had a lifelong affinity for the Steelers organization. As I think back to my childhood, I fondly remember the times when my late uncle, Melvin Hines Sr., would invite his close friend, the legendary John Stallworth, to my grandmother's house for dinner after our college rivalry football game in Birmingham, Alabama. My husband Grady and I both had the privilege of attending the same college as John Stallworth, Alabama A&M University. Most of my family and all of Grady's attended Alabama A&M as well. The Pittsburgh Steelers have always had a special place in our families' hearts. So, it is an absolute dream come true to have my husband Grady work for a team that has such a strong connection to our family. Here we go Steelers." - Rashidah Brown, wife of secondary coach Grady Brown


"There are so many reasons to love Pittsburgh, from its bold commitment to art and history, beautiful green terrain, picturesque skyline, to all the amazing restaurants. However, having moved and lived in more than a few cities, I love Pittsburgh because it has the friendliest people. Everyone we have met since we have moved here has been kind, helpful and most of all sincere. We are lucky to call this amazing city home with the greatest people and fans." - Erin Canada, wife of offensive coordinator Matt Canada


"My husband, Karl, was actually drafted by the Steelers so I had the pleasure of visiting Pittsburgh before he became defensive line coach. Now that we live here, I absolutely love the area. There's always places to go and things to do. Each little town around the city offers its own appeal. I love venturing around and learning new things about the areas. And of course, it goes without saying, Pittsburgh Steelers fans are the best fans in the NFL." - Pam Dunbar, wife of defensive line coach Karl Dunbar


"What I love about the Steelers is how they are truly a family first organization. Their standard for excellence is second to none. Also, I love the energy that Steelers Nation carries with them wherever they go. Most importantly I love that our family shares the same values of Faith, Family & Football. We are honored and blessed to be a part of the Black and Gold family." – Anissa Faulkner, wife of running backs coach Eddie Faulkner


"I truly believe that there are so many similarities between family and football, including selflessness, teamwork, discipline and celebration of hard work. There is a lot of joy that comes from seeing people steadfastly work together day in and day out. Watching them support and celebrate one another is a gift. Because of this abounding support of each other, friends truly become family. These relationships develop not only with coaches and players but also with the entire staff and their families. It's a beautiful thing to witness, and I'm grateful to be a part of it." – Jennifer Flores, wife of senior defensive assistant/linebackers coach Brian Flores


"Our neighborhood and community have been an amazing place to call home for over 15 years. Pittsburgh people are friendly, and they carry deep pride about their city's history. It is truly great place to raise a family. We have two boys and have lots of fond memories spent at our Steelers, Pens and Pirates games. The arts, food, and music scene are always thriving. The weather in summer and fall is beautiful. It is the perfect time to enjoy all of the outdoor activities and sporting events offered throughout the area." - Sonya Giemont, wife of conditioning coordinator Garrett Giemont


"The Steelers have the most loyal and passionate fans in the NFL. I am excited to join Steelers Nation at the stadium and wave my Terrible Towel." - Lindsey Hepner Jackson, wife of receivers coach Frisman Jackson


"Football has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up my dad coached football at my high school, so Friday nights during football season were always a big deal. All our family and family friends would show up to the games and support him. Football has always represented family and togetherness and that is what I love about it. It is exciting to now watch my husband on his coaching journey and I cannot wait for all the memories and relationships football will bring my family." - Annastasia Martin, wife of assistant outside linebackers coach Denzel Martin


"Growing up in Girard, Ohio, my mother was a long-time employee of US Steel at their McDonald, Ohio works. She loved singing in the US Steel choir and one of my fondest childhood memories was coming to downtown Pittsburgh at Christmas time for their magical holiday performances. I also vividly remember many school and family trips to the Carnegie Museum, Gateway Clipper, and the zoo. Although our football journey has taken us all over the U.S., I am so excited to be back here as part of the Steelers family and to be able to share all the amazing things Pittsburgh has to offer with our own children." – Erin Meyer, wife of offensive line coach Pat Meyer


"This season I will begin my 29th season as a proud, passionate, Steelers wife and biggest fan of my husband, John Mitchell, Assistant Head Coach. It's undeniable, our Steelers are one of the most respected, beloved, and storied franchises in the history of the NFL. It is an honor and privilege to be a Steelers wife, a Steelers family member. In these near 29 seasons, I have attended four Super Bowls with two Super Bowl Championships! Equally important is what our Steelers mean to the greater community of Pittsburgh and beyond. We can boast of a Steelers legacy of being champions of humankind - a respected hallmark of the Rooney Family, Here We Go Steelers!" - Joyce Mitchell, wife of assistant head coach John Mitchell


"My roots are in Pittsburgh and so is my heart. It's been a privilege to be back home again for the last nine football seasons. I'm looking forward to number 10. Go Steelers." - Elaine Smith, wife of special teams coordinator Danny Smith


"Growing up in Northeast Ohio and watching the timeless rivalry between the Steelers and the Browns developed my love of football. To marry a football coach and become a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers family is a dream come true." - Julie Sullivan, wife of quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan


"Like most coaches' wives, I have lived all over the country, so I definitely have a lot of places to compare Pittsburgh to. What makes Pittsburgh special to me is that it is 'normal.' The people here are friendly, genuine, and just doing the same things we are doing-- going to work and raising their families. Pittsburgh is now the longest place we have ever lived, and I am truly grateful for this to be the city we call home." – Kiya Tomlin, wife of head coach Mike Tomlin


"Football is a sport like no other. From actually being at a game to just watching it on television, the game changes the atmosphere and really brings people together. Some of my best memories were formed around what happens on the field. The competition, physicality, strategy and unpredictability of the game make it very interesting and exciting. I love that you can't declare the winner until the game is played and it keeps you on your toes." - Leonna Williams, wife of assistant offensive line coach Isaac Williams