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Art Rooney Avenue is home to the Steelers Experience, a fan filled area with memorable activities that include:

  • Photo Opportunities
  • Celebrations of Team History
  • Entertainment 
  • And more!

Time: Open Three Hours Prior to Kickoff

Location: Outside of the FedEx Great Hall Entrance

Check out the giant Steelers gloves, size up with the players at the "How Do You Stack Up?" display and learn more about the team's uniforms by visiting the new Steelers jersey exhibit. Get your official gear directly from the new Steelers Pro Shop, and visit the many Steelers partners for a chance to win prizes and exciting giveaways.

Visit the Steelers Nation Unite tent to unlock your ultimate game day experience, spin the FREE prize wheel for a chance to win great giveaways like post game field passes, and pick-up an SNU Celebration sign!

Test your football skills at the FedEx Air and Ground Zone, and be entered in the raffle to win 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers Season Ticket. Click here for contest rules >>>

Table inside Article
Week/Date Opponent Sponsor Activity
Pre Week 1 (8/14) Buccaneers TBD TBD
Pre Week 2 (8/23) Saints TBD TBD
Week 2 (9/20) Broncos TBD TBD
Week 3 (9/27) Texans TBD TBD
Week 5 (10/11) Eagles TBD TBD
Week 6 (10/18) Browns TBD TBD
Week 10 (11/15) Bengals TBD TBD
Week 12 (11/26) Ravens TBD TBD
Week 13 (12/6) Redskins TBD TBD
Week 16 (12/27) Colts TBD TBD

Art Rooney Avenue is home to the Steelers Experience, a fan centric area filled with memorable photo opportunities, celebrations of team history, entertainment and more!