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What Tomlin had to say after practice

Head Coach Mike Tomlin

Opening Statement:It was a good day of work today, an in-season Wednesday for us. We are getting accustomed to working with a 53-man roster plus the practice squad. There are not a lot of excess bodies out here. We have to help one another prepare. It is the normal, Week One-like things for us.

Re: Signing guys to the active roster today and if they can help this week:
We will see. That's what this work is about. Obviously we are trying to put together a collection of men that gives us the very best chance to do what we are trying to do. But some of that stuff is going to be revealed along the way, whether or not they are going to be a help to us this week.

Re: Losing playmakers on offense but everyone is still confident:
We have a job to do. You are going to lose people along the way, whether it's a disciplinary reason or an injury. That's part of football. Part of the team is making the necessary adjustments and understanding that the standard is not going to chance, and I think that's something that they all embrace.

Are you making a change at strong safety?
No. We are looking at a lot of things, across different positions. I gave you guys a depth chart. It speaks for itself. We are going to continue to work here, prepare ourselves and put ourselves in a position to play well on Thursday night.

Re: Cutting ties with draft picks today and your comment:
There's no comment. It's in line with what I said earlier. We are trying to find the best combination that's going to help us win this week.

What will you tell the young guys about playing in this opener?
It doesn't matter what I say. They are going to go for a ride on Thursday night. And it's okay. At some point they will settle down and play football. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

Re: Lawrence Timmons practice today and how he did:
Yes. It's football season. Law Dog is ready to go.

Same thing for Mike Mitchell?"
Same. Yes.

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