Tomlin 7-29

HEAD COACH MIKE TOMLINTuesday, July 29Coach Mike Tomlin:  We had another good day today here on Day Two of training camp. We worked on some other elements of football; specifically we did two-minute today. I thought that competition was spirited. We are still working on some technique issues but I like the spirit of the group and it was another productive day for us. On the injury front, we do have some significant news. Daniel Sepulveda looks like he will be out for the season with a torn ACL. He will get that repaired. We claimed Paul Ernster off of waivers from Detroit and he will be in here this evening. Unfortunate for Daniel from a personal standpoint, but as you guys know, that is a part of football. That is what this game is all about and we have to be prepared to move forward.

Will you bring in a second punter?

Potentially, but at this point we have claimed Paul off waivers and that is where we are right now.

How did it happen?

It is the plant leg, his right knee, and it is the same knee that he injured in college. After punting yesterday he experience some discomfort to say the least. He had it looked at today, and that was the end result.

So now you are going to have a full camp to break in a new punter?

You know you have no control over when it happens. We are paid to be light on our feet and react in this business and that is what we will do.

Will Charlie (Batch) be the holder or is that not determined yet?

That is to be determined. Most punters are holder-capable. We worked with Charlie at it and he has done a nice job with it. He did a nice job today but we will still analyze that as we move forward.

Can you evaluate the offensive line from yesterday? What did you see and what did you like?

I thought that they communicated well. We are still coming together as a group and we are in all aspects of being a team. I just thought that it was a good start. It really is too early into the process to have any strong feelings as to what we are looking at. We are teaching and getting acclimated to where we are and what we are doing here.

That was a significant blow to your special teams as you have put a lot of emphasis on it:

You know the reality of it is that there are 32 teams in the league and 32 teams deal with issues like this. This is the National Football League and this is what it is about. The teams that are successful and rise in the end are the teams that are capable of dealing with distractions such as this. We make no bones about that.

Did it disappoint you, this happening?

Briefly, but then you keep moving; that is what you do. I wouldn't be human if I didn't say that I was disappointed for us and for Daniel. You can't spend a lot of time dwelling on it because we have a lot of work to do.

Any updates on the PUP guys?

No, it's business as usual. They are in the same situation as they were yesterday.

* *

You had to be encouraged with all of the plays that Limas Sweed was making today?

Well, he better because we are giving him a lot of reps. He is a guy who has a lot of energy; he is a young guy who has a way to go. He is capable of taking a lot of reps because he doesn't get fatigued. He took advantage of that today.

The two-minute drill seemed to be spirited:

It was and that is what it is about. This is the ultimate parity league. A lot of these games come down to those situations offensively and defensively. If we can compete like that it is great.

Any updates on the other injured guys?

Again, they were day-to-day yesterday. We will look at those guys tonight and tomorrow morning and make a determination tomorrow morning whether they are capable of going.

How long can Chris Kemoeatu afford to miss practice?

I don't know. Hopefully whenever he is healthy he will be out here; that is the reality of it.

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