Tomlin 12-4

**HEAD COACH MIKE TOMLIN December 4, 2008

Opening: I thought we had a good day's work today and just another step toward the process of being ready to play on Sunday.

**Can you give an injury update and how is Ben Roethlisberger?

Ben is fine. He was a full participant today as was Willie Parker, Aaron Smith, Travis Kirschke and those guys. We are moving in the right direction.

Is this the healthiest you have been?

We don't worry about health, we really don't. You can waste a lot of time focusing on people you don't have. We tend to focus on people we do have and their preparation and their play. It just so happens we have a lot of guys that are capable and preparing to play for us this week. That's how we are approaching it. If you are legitimately going to make it a non-issue, you have to make it a non-issue when your team is healthy as well. That is our mentality.

*If Bryant McFadden is back will he start or will William Gay remain the starter? *Hopefully we can play both of those guys. You've got to acknowledge that it's been six weeks since Bryant has played football. But he has been practicing. We will continue to work that and see how it develops as the week goes on. Both guys have shown they are capable of playing and playing at a high level. That's a good problem to have. We will weigh those options a little later in the week.

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