They Said It - Quotes from the Steelers in Tampa Day 4


They Said It: *

Punter Mitch Berger on playing for different teams throughout his career: * "Sometimes I wake up and forget which team I'm playing for."
Guard Chris Kemoeatu on how it feels to be representing Hawaii in the Super Bowl:*

"I'm excited about the opportunity to come out here and represent for that little rock down there in the South Pacific. Coming from a small, country town in Kahuku where I was raised and played football, I'm just excited to come out here and represent for everybody back at home."

Quarterback Byron Leftwich on how much he is enjoying himself even though he is not the starting quarterback:

"I am enjoying myself a whole lot. If I was the starter of this team I wouldn't be any happier than I am right now. What people don't realize is that you don't have to be the main guy to enjoy this and to really appreciate being in the Super Bowl. It is the same happiness and same joyful feeling no matter who you are on this football team because it takes 53 people to make it this far. It takes a team to make it this far. Our team – it doesn't matter if it is Ben (Roethlisberger) or Doug Legursky - everybody is happy. This Super Bowl experience that I'm going through, I'm going to take it all in and enjoy myself."

Cornerback William Gay on his overall comfort level on the field:

"Yes, I'm very comfortable. I go through practice every day checking players like Hines Ward, Nate Washington and Santonio Holmes. You are taking on those guys day in and day out, so when you get into the game you feel confident. You are ready, you know the game plan, so now all you have to do is go out there and make plays."

*Wide receiver Limas Sweed on what he has learned this year: *"The greatest thing I've learned is that technique is everything in this league. It's not always about how fast, how big and how strong you are; it's about technique. I wasn't a believer in that. I wasn't a big technique guy. I was an 'I'm big, I'm fast, I can run routes' [guy], but I learned that technique is key. If you can put technique behind all of that God-given talent, it will be unreal. That's what people are starting to see me do when they see me pop open. It's a matter of taking the technique and learning and being calm with it in the heat of battle and using that technique. It's technique that is going to get you good."

Linebacker James Harrison on what makes him succeed despite being undersized:
"It's a combination of everything - desire, heart, perseverance. And then, you have to be put in a scheme that fits your talents."

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