Terrible Towel Travels


Hey Steelers fans - we know the Terrible Towel made it to the Olympics in China, but where has your Towel traveled to?

Send us your picture with your Terrible Towel and let us know about it's travels.

Here are the guidelines that must be followed. Any photos that don't adhere to these guidelines will not be considered for future use.

1.  Photos must be JPEG attachments. Do not send any other format and do not put the picture in the body of the email. Must be an attachment.

2.  Photo size must be 387 x 256 pixels. Nothing else can be used. Be sure to size your photo before you send it.

3.  Include your name, city and state and where the photo was taken (we want to get photos from unique places in the United States and Internationally). If you took a photo of yourself with your towel somewhere unique, that's what we are looking for.

4.  Email them to: steelersfeedback@yahoo.com. On the subject line of the email type Terrible Towel Photo.

These are the only type of photos that we are now accepting.

Thanks and let's see your Steelers support.

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