Steelers Social Spotlight: Antwon Blake


His tweets are sometimes deep, other times humorous. He loves interacting with the fans, replying back, retweeting them and thanking them for just being a fan.

He is @ZillaMane41, otherwise known as Steelers cornerback Antwon Blake.

Blake is quiet off the field, one who doesn't try to find his way in front of a camera, one who is a man of few words. On the field, he is aggressive, always playing hard and always making noise. And when it comes to Twitter, be prepared because he likes to tweet a lot.

"I feel like it's a good way to connect with those who support you," said Blake. "It kind of opens your eyes because I wasn't really aware of how many people saw me play, saw my hard work. Anytime someone tweets me I try to respond or retweet them because it's a great way to show fans you appreciate their support."

Blake, who got his user name from the combination of 'Zilla' being a high school nickname, Gucci Mane being one of his favorite rappers as a kid, and his jersey number, said it's amazing to see how many fans support him on Twitter, how much positive feedback he gets.

"It's kind of a surreal feeling at times," said Blake. "As a kid I was a big fan of the game and we didn't have those type of social outlets to talk to your favorite player and things. I see certain kids and adults who have a chance to tweet certain players and it's nice.

"It's eye opening. I was shocked at first. Now I am getting a little more used to it. I love talking to the fans."

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