Steelers fans are picture perfect

It's no secret Steelers fans love sharing pictures of themselves supporting their favorite team on social media, but on Sunday, Sept. 4, they will be sharing those photos in a manner like no other.

Steelers fans from all ends of the Earth are preparing to gather together for Steelers "World Photo Day", an annual event that is celebrated by Steelers Nation around the globe.

The event is a perfect opportunity for fans to put on their black and gold best and show their support for the Steelers ahead of the team's season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

And it's simple. You can gather in large groups, or small families, and share a picture of yourself on social media at a local landmark, or even in your living room, showing your love of the Steelers. The idea is for everyone to do it on Sept. 4 at 10:30 am (your local time) so it's a united front.

To date, fans in 52 cities, representing 12 countries, are taking part, and more are welcome to participate.

Fans in Mexico, where the tradition began, lead the way with fans in 39 cities taking part. Other areas participating include the United States, with eight cities to date checking in to take part, as well as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chili, France, Ireland, Panama, Puerto Rico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

"Steelers Nation is incredible; it means everything to have this level of support and love from fans all over the world," said Steelers General Manager Omar Khan. "There's nothing like seeing Steelers Nation in different parts of the world getting together to celebrate the start of a new season. It's very special. We have the best fans."

The annual event was developed by Sergio Carrasco and Guillermo Vargas, two Steelers fans who live in Mexico, an area where the Steelers have a long-standing relationship because of the huge fanbase.

"It's always been a priority for us to recognize our fans all over the world, particularly in Mexico," said Khan. "We have had presence in México for years now, most recently with Najee Harris during the NFL Draft. We see at least one Mexican flag at every game. It's such a special fan base. We take advantage of every opportunity we get to stay connected with our fans in México. Their support and love for us is incredible."

How can you get involved? There are several ways:

• Share your Steelers photo on social media using the hashtag #SteelersWorldWide

• You can share your photo to the event organizers directly at the social accounts below:

o Twitter: @FotoSteelers

o Instagram: @fotosteelersfans