Moats: 'There was no harmful intent'


Linebacker Arthur Moats is all about making a play on defense. But, he is also all about making that play in a clean manner, with his intent never to hurt an opponent.

So on Sunday, when he sacked Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, and pulled him around by his facemask, his intent wasn't to do harm. It was a football play, one that drew a 15-yard penalty and left Manziel shaken-up, but not one that had any ill will or bad intent.

Moats even tweeted Manziel after the game, letting him know just that.

"I just felt like some people didn't understand my intent behind it. I just wanted to clear it up so there was no grey area," said Moats. "That was the whole purpose of the tweet. Even responding to the negative people on Twitter, just to let them know I understand you have your feelings, but this is what happened and this is my feelings about the play.

"It's a part of the game, it's just two competitors going at it but ultimately we understand nobody is trying to get hurt."

While Moats might have drawn some negative criticism from fans, the majority know his character and were supportive, and Manziel was as well.

"He tweeted me and said there are no hard feelings," said Moats. "Everything is good.

"My thing is this, I know what type of man I am, my family and true friends know what type of man I am. If a few people have something negative to say, that doesn't bother me, which is why most of the time I will respond to them as well. It really doesn't bother me.

"I just wanted him to know there was no harmful intent."

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