Harrison MVP Quotes


James Harrison:It is a tremendous honor just like it was last year to get this because your teammates vote on it.

Does it mean even more when you have the players vote on it?
Yeah, of course. Like you said, it shows that they respect and admire you; it makes you feel like you are that valuable to the team.

Do you feel like you accomplished a lot this year?
I feel like I did better than last year.

What would be more meaningful, Team MVP or NFL Defensive Player of the Year?
The Super Bowl would mean everything.

What things do you still want to accomplish?
I would like to play until I am 50. I am 30 now, so that would mean 20 Super Bowls, 20 Pro Bowls and 20 MVPs.

This is a pretty good Christmas present?
Yes, it is nice.

What do you attribute being much better than last year to?
I would attribute it to offseason work and really getting a good feel for myself and a better understanding of the defense. The other 10 guys around me are doing their job and Coach (Dick) LeBeau calls a great defense. It is everything working together; Buts (Coach Keith Butler) is a great linebackers coach.

What were your goals?
I didn't set any goals, I just wanted to be better than last year.

How much credit should Coach LeBeau get for helping you accomplish what you have this year?
Coach LeBeau gets just as much credit as I get. Everything I do is because of him. If he doesn't call the defense that puts me in position to make plays, then I am not here talking to you right now.

Is it more gratifying for you to be where you are after getting to prove a ton of people wrong?
It is alright.

What do you get for winning MVP?
I get that my teammates voted for me. It makes me feel good. Nothing else comes with it.

Did you vote for yourself?
No, I didn't vote at all.
There are people such as Tony Dungy who feel you should be MVP of the league. When you hear things like that, is it flattering to you?

Yes, it is definitely flattering. Tony Dungy, when he says that, he is a guy that everybody has respect for.

What are you doing for Christmas?
I am going home to go play with my son and that is about it.

What was your best Christmas present ever?
It was a red dirt bike that I ended up breaking in six months.

Why did you break it?
I rolled it too hard.

Can you pick out a top highlight from this year?
I am not looking back so I cannot tell you until the season is over.

*One sack per game; that is kind of impressive when you look back on it? *Actually, I wasn't thinking about it like that.

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