Getting To Know: Martavis Bryant


The following is the latest installment of Getting To Know, a chance to learn a little more about Steelers' players who were added to the roster over the last few years.

Position: Wide Receiver

Height: 6-4

Weight: 211

College: Clemson

Years Pro: Rookie

How Acquired: Fourth-round draft pick in 2014.

Football Mentor/Inspiration: The person I really look up to and try to model my game after is A.J. Green. How he is a man of the game, he is a dog in the NFL. I try to watch his highlights and do the stuff he does.

Proudest Football Moment/Memory: Winning the Orange Bowl and becoming BCS champs.

Favorite Teammate: Sammy Watkins. We were close, hung out every day, especially after the season.

Initial NFL Attraction: I have been playing football since I was eight years old. I started playing more and more as I got older and wanted to live out my dreams.

Football Mindset: To go hard.

Impression of Pittsburgh: I love the city. I came here and visited and was coming through the tunnel, and as soon as I got through there it was like wow. It's a beautiful place to be.

Perception of Steelers: Championships. There is high standard here. Just like back at school. I like being here. It's a good place to be.

Goals/Aspirations for 2014: Help contribute as much as I can and do what I have to do.

Career Goals: I want to accomplish everything. I am not trying to be cocky, but I want to be someone that people remember.

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