Doug Worthington Conference Call


Defensive Tackle - Ohio State

7th Round – 242nd Overall

Ohio State plays a similar style defense to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Will that help you make your jump from the collegiate level to the pros?

Yeah, the biggest thing for me is they have a lot of great players in there right now. They have great defensive ends. Coming in there knowing some of the scheme will be a great opportunity for myself.

Did you play on the right or left side at Ohio State?

I'm on the left side.

Have you talked to your teammate Thaddeus Gibson today? And what can you tell us about him?

I'm going to call him in a second. Thaddeus is a great player. He's a hard worker, he's into the game and he's still growing. He has so much more to learn and what not, but he's an athlete first and foremost. He's going to give you 100 percent effort on the field. He's a student of the game. He's a best friend of mine and it's going to be great to continue my career with him.

Are there a lot of Steelers fans in your family?

My dad is a huge Steelers fan. One of my good friends that lives in Columbus just came over with a (Terry) Bradshaw, jersey on, and a terrible towel in his hand. We have a lot of Steelers fans over here.

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