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Steelers Nation represents

Find out more about the fan wall inside the Hall of Honor Museum

Steelers Nation is everywhere and numbers in the millions, with this wall just a small representation of fans from near and far, yet a huge display of the love fans have for the black and gold.

To the naked eye it might appear just a few fans are featured, but a closer look shows you a completely different view of the image that was created thanks to the latest technology.

In conjunction with 49 Degrees, Turbo Mosaic software was used to upload 5,400 hi-resolution photos that came from the Steelers archives and fans via social media, as well as a large background photo of fans in the stadium and the Here We Go overlay to create a black and gold wall like no other. The software automatically arranges the images in a color sensitive manner and places them in perfect position to match up with the overlay.

While technology took care of most of it, human input was also required to review areas and manually correct the colors to match the Steelers PMS colors.

Here We Go.