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Connect, Chat and Compete with YinzChat -- the Group Chat + Pick'em game built for Steelers Nation exclusively on the Steelers Mobile App.

Huddle Up during the offseason and answer new Steelers trivia questions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to earn bragging rights in our unique in-game group chat!

How to Play

YinzChat is easy to play and is exclusively on the Steelers Mobile App!

  • Download the Steelers Official Mobile App
  • Create a fan profile
  • Play on your own vs Steelers Nation in our new Public Group or create your very own Private Group to compete against family and friends!

So, what are Yinz waiting for? Huddle Up and play YinzChat today!

If you are already on a mobile device, you are one click away from playing YinzChat.

You can also follow along with us on Twitter (@YinzChat).

2021 Weekly Yinzchat Winners

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WeekWinner (Pts.)
Week 11Heather D. (22 pts.)
Week 12Bryan M. (23 pts.)
Week 13Heather D. (21 pts.)
Week 14Bryan M. (23 pts.)
Week 15Joey W. (21 pts.)
Week 16Brian E. (22 pts.)
Week 17Joey W. (21 pts.)
Week 18Jeff S. (21 pts.)
Regular Season WinnerBryan M. (144 pts.)
Wild Card RoundJoey W. (21 pts.)