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What to Know: Steelers Nation Unite

Steelers Nation Unite brings fans everywhere closer to the team. All fans need to do to start unlocking their benefits is use the Steelers App and create a fan profile. Having a Steelers fan profile gives access to on field experiences, predictive games, live player interactions, Steelers Pro Shop offers, sweepstakes, and more!

Check out some of the highlights below:

  • Sweepstakes | Always find the latest sweepstakes at the top of the Steelers Nation Unite section in the App… who knows maybe you'll be the next winner!
  • Gameday Challenge | NEW! Test your skills each week to increase your chances of winning a VIP trip to the 2020 Pro Bowl.
  • Get on the Field | Select the games you'll be attending this season and register for your chance to win a game day experience at Heinz Field.
  • Fan News, Photos & Videos | All of the same fan content you have grown to love all in one place.
  • Create/Edit Your Steelers Fan Profile | Create your fan profile within the App make it easier to get rewarded throughout the season.
  • Upcoming Fan Events | Stay in the know about all the upcoming Steelers Events including our Road Warrior Events.
  • Share your Fan Traditions | Share your Fan Traditions for your chance to get featured in our next Steelers Nation Unite traditions video.
  • Steelers Selfie | NEW! Share a Steelers Photo of just you or a group of friends for your chance to be featured on our Steelers Nation Unite social channels.
  • Check In | Check In on the Mobile App at Heinz Field or on the road to score a special game day photo to post on social media.

Do you have additional questions regarding Steelers Nation Unite? Below is a guide to help you navigate through all the updates to Steelers Nation Unite in the Steelers Mobile App this season.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I stay connected to fans and the team?
The Steelers Mobile App has everything you need to stay up-to-date with all things Steelers. To make sure you are always receiving the latest news and updates, be sure to turn on Notifications and Allow the Steelers Mobile App to Access Your Location. This will provide you with the best possible experience and ensure that you're alerted with latest news, offers and experience opportunities.

What happened to Steelers Nation Unite and SteelersNationUnite.com?
Everything that you enjoyed about being part of Steelers Nation Unite is now available right in the Steelers Mobile App, including chances to win trips to games, score on-field experiences, interact live with players and Legends, enjoy exclusive fan content and receive special merchandise offers. Get started by visiting the Steelers Nation Unite section in the App.

I don't have the mobile app or a smartphone. Can I still participate?
There will still be opportunities to enjoy content and get rewarded at games and events if you do not have or do not use the mobile app. For those opportunities, visit Steelers.com/fans.

How else can I stay connected to other fans?
Be sure to follow Steelers Nation Unite on Twitter (@SteelersUnite), Instagram (@steelers\_nation\_unite), and Facebook (Facebook.com/SteelersNationUnite) to see how fans around the world represent their team.


How do I get rewarded now with offers, experiences, etc.?
The best and easiest way to get rewarded is by downloading or updating the Steelers Official Mobile App and filling out a fan profile, which takes only seconds. That will open you to a complete experience, filled with rewards, sweepstakes, new content, games, and more.

What happened to my Steelers Pro Shop benefits that I received as a Steelers Nation Unite member?
You will still receive offers throughout the year that will be delivered through email and the Steelers Mobile App. These types of offers will be available to fans who fill out their profile in the "Steelers Nation Unite" section of the app.

Where can I find opportunities to win prizes, get rewarded, etc.?
Navigate to the "Steelers Nation Unite" section within the app to find the latest sweepstakes, fan content, information on events, and more. The Steelers Mobile App is your one-stop-shop for everything related to the Steelers and being a Steelers fan.

Can I still earn yards?
With the Steelers Mobile App providing a total fan experience, you no longer need to earn yards to receive benefits, rewards and experiences. We do know that you enjoy competing with other fans, and you will still have that opportunity with the Steelers Game Day Challenge, which gives you a chance to predict outcomes during the game and win prizes throughout the season.

Will there be sweepstakes to enter?
Yes, you will enjoy multiple opportunities to enter sweepstakes throughout the year, including a number of chances to win trips to home and away games. The latest sweepstakes will always be listed in the Steelers Nation Unite section of the Steelers Mobile App.


How can I get on the field on game day?
Coming to a Steelers home game? Visit the Steelers Nation Unite section of the Steelers Mobile App and tap the card that says "Get on the field on Game Day" to register for your chance to win. You must have a valid game ticket and enter your seat information for a chance to be selected. Fans must register for a chance to win at least three days prior to the upcoming home game.

Can I still Check In at the stadium on game day? Are there any benefits too checking in on game day?
You can Check In on the Steelers Nation Unite page in the Steelers Mobile App. To access Check In, be sure to Allow the app to Access Your Location prior to arriving at Heinz Field on game day. Surprises will be added throughout the season.


I enjoyed sharing my Traditions and reading about other fan stories. How can I do that now?
Visit the "Steelers Nation Unite" section of the app to share your fan story and to watch fan features in our "Traditions" series. By sharing your story, you could be selected to have your fan story featured in an upcoming video.

Where can I view fan stories and fan content?
All of the fan features, fan-player interviews, and live streaming events where fans can connect with current players and Steelers Legends will still be available in the Steelers Official Mobile App, as well as at Steelers.com/fans.

Will there still be opportunities to interact with players?
Yes, you will be able to get your questions answered throughout the year, as we deliver "Huddle" events with current players, Steelers Legends and front office personnel, fielding questions directly from you, the fans. Information on upcoming "Huddles" will be available in the app prior to each event with more on how you can get your questions answered.


Will there still be events for fans? Where can I find that information?
The latest and most up-to-date information about all fan events can be found on the Steelers Nation Unite page in the Steelers Mobile App, as well as Steelers.com/fans.


I was a member of Steelers Nation Unite, will my profile be transferred to the Steelers mobile app?
You will need to create a new profile within the Steelers Mobile App. You can use the same email address you used with your original Steelers Nation Unite account, but you will need to create a new profile and password. After you create your profile, you will stay logged in and have full access to the various benefits, rewards and experiences provided throughout the year.

Why didn't you keep all of my profile information from Steelers Nation Unite?
To bring you the best possible experience, we want to make sure all of your information is up-to-date with your new fan profile.

Will my fan profile change each season? Will any benefits expire like they did at the end of each Steelers Nation Unite season?
Once you create a profile in the Steelers Mobile App, you will not have to worry about rewards expiring as has been the case previously at the end of each season. Rewards, offers, and experiences will come and go throughout the season, so it is important that fans pay attention to things like how long an offer may be valid for and to look for app notifications and messages that alert you to upcoming opportunities.