Zumwalt: 'I have been in my book'

Posted Aug 7, 2014

Injuries slowed down LB Jordan Zumwalt and TE Rob Blanchflower, but they are back to work.

LATROBE, Pa. - Training camp hasn’t been a bed of roses for rookie linebacker Jordan Zumwalt and tight end Rob Blanchflower, who both have battled injuries that limited their time on the field.

While they both returned to practice on Wednesday, there still was some frustration as they have waited for their opportunities to prove what they can do.

Linebacker Jordan Zumwalt

On how the first few weeks of training camp have gone:

“Things haven’t gone as planned. I was a little beat up, banged up. But guys have been keeping my spirits high.”

On how far his groin injury set him back:
“I have been in my book, I have been studying, I have been in the training room. It’s set me back, but I am ready to move forward.”

On how he has used the time to learn the defense:
“My progress is coming well. I wish I could have the reps, it helps a lot to learn when you are doing the plays. I am in the book as much as I can so I think I am coming along well.”

On what he needs to prove:
“I need to show that I can do it. I need to show that I know what I am doing. That I have been putting the study time in. I need to earn some respect, I need to grind, work hard and sweat with everybody. I need to show that I can play and hang with these people.”

On the competition at linebacker:
“Every competitor thrives in a situation like that. The ones that worry about it are the ones that usually have a hard time with it. I try not to worry myself with it. I am here to compete, that is why I am here. I am here because I know I can compete and hang with these guys.”

Tight End Rob Blanchflower

On how much his ankle injury set him back:

“It was frustrating. Being mentally prepared to be out there and physically not being allowed, it’s frustrating but I tried to learn as much as I could and take mental reps.”

On not getting the reps at tight end while he was hurt:
“Whenever I was not rehabbing, I am watching film or taking mental reps, standing behind the guy out there and taking the coaching. If you are limited physically you have to do the second best thing and do it as best as you can.”