Watch the Steelers online in HD in 2012

Posted Jul 18, 2012

Game Rewind - Every Play, Every Angle, Any Time

Steelers’ fans that can’t get enough of the black and gold won’t have to miss a minute of the action this year with new subscription services now being offered through and the National Football League.

The subscription offers different options, some for fans in the United States and others internationally, who want to watch complete games, listen to audio only, watch highlights and also have access to exclusive coach’s film.

The action begins with Preseason Live, which offers all 2012 preseason games steamed live online in HD in the United States only. Fans not only will be able to watch Steelers preseason action, but all 32 NFL team’s preseason games.

Once the regular season gets rolling the options increase for fans, starting with Game Rewind for subscribers in the United States only. All 2012 NFL games will be available on-demand in HD, following the live broadcast of the game. Fans have the option of selecting a package of only Steelers games, or can purchase the entire NFL package and see all of the regular season action. Game Rewind provides 22 camera angles, with varying options depending on your subscription level.

Fans outside of the United States and Mexico have the option of subscribing to Game Pass, which provides international fans with the ability to watch all of the 2012 NFL action streamed live or on-demand online in HD.

All fans in the United States, Mexico and internationally also have the option to subscribe to Audio Pass, which is live radio broadcasts for the entire 2012 Steelers season, with options for radio broadcasts of other NFL games.

Whatever your preference, now is the time to take advantage of these new services to follow the Steelers during the 2012 season.

Click one of the links for more information or to subscribe today:
* Preseason Live – Fans in the United States only
* Game Rewind – Fans in the United States only
* Game Pass – Fans outside of the United States and Mexico
* Audio Pass – All fans including the United States, Mexico and International