Steelers Sideline Store opens near camp

Posted Jul 30, 2012

Steelers’ fans heading to training camp in Latrobe, Pa. won’t have any problem finding the newest in team apparel with a Steelers merchandise tent on campus, as well as a brand new Steelers Sideline Store just a short drive down Route 30 at Westmoreland Mall.

The store opened right with the start of training camp and is home to every type of Steelers merchandise, including the new Nike team apparel.

“They fans are amazed to see how much they can outfit their lives with Steelers apparel, as well as their cars and pets,” said store manager Courtney Duzyk. “It’s fantastic. Everyone is amazed and exited. The more they come in the more enthusiastic they are.”

Many of the customers who have been stopping by the store the first few days are doing so on their way to training camp at St. Vincent College.

“We’ve had entire families all dressed in their jerseys, with the towels, they are ready for the season,” said Duzyk. “We are happy to help them get that last push of Steelers gear before they go to camp.”

Bringing a store to Westmoreland County is something the Steelers have wanted to do because of the strong fan base that exists there.

“The fans base here is amazing,” said Duzyk. “They have been so enthusiastic since we have been open, I am excited and so are the fans.

“A lot of people have been hoping we would come here for a long time. I think it will go well. I am overjoyed to be here.”

Sideline Store Photo Gallery