Shazier gets a warm welcome in Pittsburgh

Posted May 11, 2014

Season ticket holders Dean and Linda Arnold helped welcome number one pick Ryan Shazier to Pittsburgh.

As they left the Steelers practice facility following what was a “dream” afternoon, Linda Arnold gave Steelers’ number one draft pick Ryan Shazier a hug and told him, “See you honey.” Dean Arnold quickly told him let them know if there is anything he needs, they are happy to help out.

Shazier smiled, said a heartfelt thank you, and knew that he had instantly made some new friends in Pittsburgh.

Dean Arnold was the lucky Steelers’ season ticket holder who won the opportunity to join team staff at Pittsburgh International Airport to welcome Shazier to Pittsburgh, accompany him to the team’s practice facility and attend his introductory press conference.

“I had to pinch myself,” said Dean Arnold, from Ohio Township, Pennsylvania. “I certainly wasn’t expecting it. I was kind of curious how I got selected. I thought it was just for me and not my wife and I. Then we found out we were both invited. It was great.”

Arnold, a fan since the days of John Henry Johnson and season ticket holder since 2005, enjoyed lunch and a tour of the practice facility before heading to the airport.

“Great organizations are built with great people,” said Arnold following the warm welcome he received at the practice facility. “You never see the people behind the scenes. You see the product on the field, the players and coaches. As well run as this organization has been forever you know there are great people behind it and that was confirmed today.”

Then it was all about making Shazier feel welcome in Pittsburgh.

“On behalf of the city and Steelers Nation I think it’s a great opportunity to do this,” said Arnold. “And all Ryan has to do is work hard and he will be loved here automatically."