Post-Gazette FanCam

Posted Sep 14, 2011

Fans attending Steelers games this season will have a chance to prove they were there when the Post-Gazette FanCam comes to Heinz Field for all eight home games in 2011.

Fans are encouraged to be in their seats 30 minutes before kickoff each week, because at that time an ultra-high-def, 5 billion pixel image will be shot from the center of the field.

This 360-degree virtual image will capture Heinz Field in its entirety, and it takes between 5-7 minutes to shoot. Fans will be able to “step inside” the image and look around, as if they were standing on the 50-yard line of Heinz Field for a frozen moment of time just before kickoff.

The resolution of 5 billion pixels is so high that fans can zoom in to find themselves or friends, or even to cruise around Heinz Field to see who else was a part of the special experience it is to witness a Steelers game in person. Fans also will be eligible to participate in contests and win additional prizes within the FanCam.

The Steelers are the first NFL or professional sports team in the United States to utilize this cutting edge technology for all regular season home games in 2011.

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In addition, fans can purchase a one-of-a-kind panoramic image from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette FanCam. Fans can also buy an image of themselves pictured on the video board at Heinz Field, or place themselves on the front page of a Post-Gazette Newspaper.

To see an example of last's seasons FanCam, click on FanCam.