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NFL Owners pass rules, others voted down

Posted Mar 26, 2014

NFL Owners voted this morning on a number of proposals, several passed, others were voted down and some were tabled.

NFL Owners voted this morning on a number of proposals that were put forth, with several of them being passed, others voted down and some tabled for a later vote.

Rules and bylaws that passed:

* Rule that will keep the game clock running after a quarterback sack outside of two minutes remaining in either half.

* Rule to extend the goal posts an additional five feet above the cross bar (from 30 feet to 35 feet).

* Rule to adjust the time of roster reduction to 53 players to 4:00 p.m., New York time, from 6:00 p.m., New York time, on the Saturday of the fourth preseason week in years where no preseason games are scheduled for that Friday.

* Rule to expand reviewable plays to include the recovery a loose ball in the field of play.

Rules and bylaws that were voted down:

* Rule to move kickoffs to the 40-yard line from the 35-yard line.

* Rule to permit a coach to challenge any officials’ decision except scoring plays and turnovers.

* Rule to subject personal foul penalties to instant replay review.

* Rule to eliminate roster cut-down from 90-75 players (during preseason) – would go from 90 to 53.

* Rule to permit more than one player to return to the Active List from the club’s Reserved/Injured List.

Rules and bylaws that were tabled:

* Rule to increase number of Active List players for regular-season games played on a day other than Sunday or Monday (excluding the opening weekend of the season) from 46 players to 49 players.

* Rule to raise the Practice Squad limit from eight to 10 players.

* Rule to permit clubs to trade players prior to the start of the League Year.

* Rule to permit each club to time/test at its facility 10 players who attended the NFL Combine; also permits clubs to attend timing and testing session at another club’s facility that involves three or more draft-eligible players.

* Rule to put fixed cameras on all boundary lines.

* Rule to eliminate overtime periods in preseason games.

* A rule to modify the PAT will be experimented with in the first two weeks of the preseason, with kicks now to be attempted from the 20-yard line, but moving it permanently was tabled.

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