Marquee Matchups: Steelers vs. Dolphins

Posted Dec 8, 2013

CB Ike Taylor vs. WR Mike Wallace
Saying that Ike Taylor and Mike Wallace are familiar with each other may be an understatement. Having played together for the past four seasons, Taylor and Wallace know each other’s capabilities. Taylor will need to rely on his physicality and veteran savvy to combat Wallace’s game-breaking speed and Miami’s desire to stretch the field.

Pittsburgh’s Offensive Line vs. Miami’s Front Four

The Steelers offensive front is a unit that has seen its share of moving parts this season and that will be the case again today. How quickly they are able jell and their ability to handle Dolphins at the line of scrimmage will write the script for Pittsburgh’s offensive success. Earlier in the week, Mike Tomlin talked about Miami’s ability to “wreak havoc” with their front, which is exactly what the offensive line is focused on preventing.

WR Antonio Brown vs. CB Brent Grimes

Grimes is tasked with doing something this week that few players have done successfully this season, and that is finding a way to stop the NFL’s receptions leader in Brown. Grimes is an aggressive corner and QB Ben Roethlisberger will likely be targeting Brown early and often to help Pittsburgh establish its passing game. Grimes needs to be prepared for everything from quick screens to deep shots in the vertical passing game if he hopes to limit Brown’s impact in the contest.