Heard around camp: Heyward, Thomas & more

Posted Aug 7, 2014

What Steelers' players are saying during training camp.

LATROBE, Pa. - Check out some of the latest comments from Steelers players at training camp, inlcuding Cam Heyward, Will Johnson, Cam Thomas and Antwon Blake.

Defensive end Cam Heyward on what it takes to be a Steelers player:
“When you put on the black and gold you represent the State of Pennsylvania, the City of Pittsburgh and you better be ready to bring it.”

Tight end/fullback Will Johnson on playing two positions and the adjustment to tight end:
“It’s a blessing to be out here and contribute. The more you can do the better your chances of getting on the field. I take that stride-by-stride and go from there. At the end of the day it gives a better opportunity to contribute to this team. It’s just more of a workload. I am excited to take on the challenge.

“It’s definitely a day-by-day process. I am still learning a lot. I think the coaches understand that, learning the new position, the details of it. My biggest thing is not to get too low when I make mistakes and just keep competing.”

Defensive tackle Cam Thomas on the Steelers’ tradition:
“It’s a new culture. I am ready to get used to it. It’s tradition. We have six Super Bowl rings. I want to be part of seven. I want to be part of history. The most in the league; you can’t beat that. It’s about winning…Super Bowl, Super Bowl, championships. It’s not let’s make it to the playoffs; it’s get to the show and win it.”

Cornerback Antwon Blake on having a full offseason to work on learning the defense:
“It felt good to be able to go through the whole offseason with the Steelers. I got the work that I needed. I got to learn at my own pace, not be thrown into the fire and rush and have to learn too quickly.

“During the offseason I got a better understanding of the defense and certain techniques that I needed to learn. I have been trying to improve. I am improving every day. It’s something I am working towards.”