Goodell focused on 'professional workplace'

Posted Mar 25, 2014

Commissioner Roger Goodell will meet with NFLPA officials in April with the workplace environment a topic.

Player behavior and sportsmanship on the field is a topic at the NFL Owners’ Meetings, but the workplace environment is something that will be on tap further when Commissioner Roger Goodell meets with NFLPA officials in April. The meetings are a follow-up to the investigation regarding the Miami Dolphins bullying issue.

“We’ve been meeting with 40 players over the last three months,” said Goodell. “I’ve had numerous meetings with the Dolphins. We’ve met with outside professionals. We have met with other organizations that have dealt with similar issues. We’re trying to get as much input as possible.

“This is a culture change and something that, while modifying policies from time-to-time are important, is more about people understanding the importance of a professional workplace where there is respect for everybody – whether that is a teammate, an opponent, game officials – and we have to provide that. We will modify our policies, but more importantly, we want to engage with our players and with our coaches, which we are doing here this week to make sure that we are making the right decision long-term. I think we will.”