Did you hear this? Draft Day 3

Posted May 10, 2014

Read the latest on what is being said about the Steelers' draft picks.

Catch up on the latest of what is being said about the Steelers draft picks, and what they had to say.

Wide Receivers Coach Richard Mann on fourth-round pick Martavis Bryant: “He has excellent speed for a big guy. Excellent speed. He does a really good job of tracking the ball. He does a good job of what I call putting a hump in his back and catching it over the top. A lot of times guys can’t do it, and it is very hard to teach. I have seen him do it so I know he’s capable of doing it.”

WR Martavis Bryant on joining the Steelers: “It’s a great fit. It’s a city I really wanted to come to. I told my mom the whole time I wanted to be a Pittsburgh Steeler and I’m glad that they have faith in me and I won’t let them down.”

Defensive Backs Coach Carnell Lake on Shaquille Richardson:
“Shaquille has been pretty versatile for his college, Arizona. He has played corner. He has played some safety just because he is a bigger defensive back with ball skills that can tackle in the open field. I definitely think he could do it. Will he be required to do it on this team – probably not. He is versatile enough to do it.”

CB Shaquille Richardson on memories of Carnell Lake at UCLA: “I remember Coach Lake as being a great person first and foremost, and someone I could really look up to as a football player and I’m so happy to be back under him, learn from him and be a Pittsburgh Steeler. It’s crazy.”

Offensive Line Coach Mike Munchak on Wesley Johnson: I want to say a few things about Wesley: “We are really excited about getting a player like this at this time in the draft. The first thing you hear about him is that he is very versatile, a guy who has made over 50 starts in the SEC at three positions. So he is a guy we feel who can really play center, guard or tackle depending on where we need him.”

OL Wesley Johnson on getting to work with Mike Munchak: “I can’t wait. Being a Nashville guy, growing up he was one of my favorite players. I knew all about him, obviously because he’s a Hall of Fame offensive lineman and he’s been a great coach for a long time. (I’m) really looking forward to the opportunity.”

Linebacker Coach Keith Butler on LB Jordan Zumwalt: ‘He is a UCLA kid that played in a very similar defense that we want here. The transition for him will probably be a little bit easier. Lou Spanos was the coordinator out there last year. They did a lot of similar things that we do. They did some things that normally colleges do so that will be a little bit different for him. A lot of colleges play field defenses, and that is what they did out there a little bit. The nomenclature is a lot of the same so it is probably going to be a pretty easy transition for this kid in terms of trying to learn our defense.”

LB Jordan Zumwalt on waiting to be drafted: “You remember when you were a kid and you were waiting for Christmas? But it’s like you get to meet Santa this time. You know what I mean? It’s pretty tough.”