3 top takes from Mike Tomlin

Posted Jun 17, 2014

Coach Mike Tomlin on the first day of Steelers' minicamp.

The Steelers wrapped up the first day of their three-day minicamp, and Coach Mike Tomlin was pleased with the way not just the day went, but the offseason in general.

Tomlin addressed that, as well as questions about the practice schedule and former Steelers Hall of Fame Coach Chuck Noll.

  1. On the first day of minicamp:
    “A good beginning out here today, but really the manner in which we are working is not much different than what we have been doing over the last month. But it is good to get out here in a formal-like way and put a nice finishing touch on what has been a productive offseason for us.”

  2. On if having a regular season day schedule during minicamp helps give younger players an idea of what a work day is like:
    “I think it’s something they want. These guys have really been working hard. We are going to try and put them in stressful situations to the best that we can under these circumstances. I think more than anything they have an attitude that is geared toward embracing it.”

  3. On what Chuck Noll means to the Steelers organization and if he feels his legacy every day:
    “I do. You’ve got some reminders there in our library. Beyond that he is a standard setter, not only for us but for people in our profession. It was an honor to go (to the funeral) and pay my respects to Coach.”