31 Slices of Three Rivers History

  1. City of Champions
  2. Hall of Fame Owners
  3. Rivers (Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio)
  4. Super Bowl Championships
  5. AFC Championships
  6. NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team Members (Mel Blount, Joe Greene, Jack Ham, Jack Lambert, Mike Webster and Rod Woodson)
  7. Hall of Fame Players
  8. Consecutive Playoff Appearances in the 1970s
  9. Members of the Super Bowl Silver Anniversary Team
  10. Acres of Land on the North Side
  11. Players on Each Side of the Line of scrimmage
  12. The 12th Man - Steelers Fans, The Best in the NFL
  13. Home Playoff Wins
  14. AFC Central Championships
  15. Longest Home Winning Streak (Oct. 8, 1978 - Nov. 2, 1980)
  16. Consecutive Home Victories Over the Cleveland Browns (1970 - 1985)
  17. Home Monday Night Football Victories
  18. Home Playoff Games
  19. Times Terry Bradshaw Threw for 240 Or More Yards in a Game at Three Rivers Stadium
  20. Total Points Scored in Steelers' First Playoff Victory at Three Rivers vs. Oakland (12/23/72; 13-7)
  21. 21 Postseason Victories
  22. Players Who Won Four Super Bowl Champions
  23. Home Victories Over the Cleveland Browns
  24. Visiting Teams with Losing Records at Three Rivers Stadium
  25. Home Winning Records
  26. Seasons with "The Terrible Towel"
  27. 100-yard Rushing Performances by Franco Harris
  28. Years Since the "Immaculate Reception" (Dec. 23, 1972)
  29. Months Between Breaking Ground and First Steelers Regular Season Game at Three Rivers Stadium (April 26, 1968 - Sept. 20, 1970 vs. Houston Oilers)
  30. The Number of Points Scored in the Steelers' First Shutout of the Cleveland Browns (Steelers 30, Browns 0; Dec. 3, 1972)
  31. Years of Steelers Football in Three Rivers